Potable Water Haulage in Alice Springs


Trucks with containers in background — Container Hire in Alice Springs, NT
We also specialise in transporting and delivering water in the Alice Springs Region. This water comes directly from the main town water supply and has been filtered and treated to ensure complete safety for all domestic use.

Our qualified experts provide a professional and safe service and are Alice Springs' leading water carrier. Our modern fleet of trucks can hold from 13,000 L up to 75,000 per trip and are fitted with the highest quality equipment, which allows your water to be delivered clean and fresh. The water is pumped directly into your tanks. We are able to pump the water up to 100m from our trucks for tanks which are difficult to access. We deliver water to mine sites and camps, stations, drilling sites and commercial and residential properties.

Need your spa or swimming pool filled up? Give us a call, it's all part of our services.

We are your potable water hauling experts and can combine water deliveries with any freight to or from site - contact us today for more information!
Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our experts service clients based in Alice Springs and surrounding remote areas. We can deliver water to anywhere.